3-27-20 fdl police enforcement of “safer at home” order

Fond du Lac police say residents are doing a good job of social distancing and need to continue to do that with the governor’s latest   “Safer at Home” order.  Assistant Police Chief Steve Klein says while the police department is in charge of enforcing  the order he says the best enforcement is voluntary compliance. But Klein says contrary to some rumors on social media  police officers will not be pulling you over asking where you are going.  “We have no plans stopping people to see where they are going,”  Klein told WFDL news.  “There are a number of provisions within this order that allows for travel for people that are deemed essential, for operations that need to continue, for people to be out doing exercise.”  Meanwhile, Klein says calls for service since March 14 have significantly decreased.  Klein says officers are trying to handle as many non-violent complaints as possible over the phone.