3-27-20 city of fdl-coronavirus update

The city of Fond du lac is reviewing if any staff adjustments will be made in the days and weeks ahead following Governor Tony Evers’  new order closing more nonessential businesses.   City manager Joe Moore says the city has been directed by the state to evaluate essential and nonessential employees and determine essential  operations for the purpose of continuity of operations.  Moore tells WFDL news the city will consider whether to adjust work assignments, the number of  hours worked and locations that people will work.  Moore says the city has closed the customer service areas at the Municipal Service Center,  Wastewater and Water Business Office lobbies and closed most park facilities.   A new federal law also allows employees to take up to 80 hours of sick leave. Moore says three city employees are quarantined after being tested and one is no longer quarantined after test results came back negative.