12-6-18 evers to appeal to walker to veto gop power play

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — The incoming Democratic governor of Wisconsin says he will make a personal appeal to outgoing Republican Gov. Scott Walker to veto legislation that weakens the new administration’s powers.  Gov.-elect Tony Evers said Wednesday that he also wants Wisconsin residents to urge Walker not to sign the bills. If the bills are signed, Evers says, he will explore litigation or other ideas to ensure the legislation “does not get into practice.”  The Republican-controlled Legislature approved sweeping changes early Wednesday that weaken the governor’s ability to make rules that enact laws. The legislation also shields the state jobs agency from his control until September and cuts into the powers of the incoming Democratic attorney general.  Evers says the state “should be embarrassed” by the Republicans’ actions and that they have ignored the will of voters.