7-11-18 central wi christian school receives safety grant

A tiny school near Waupun is among the latest schools to receive a school safety grant through the state Department of Justice.   Central Wisconsin Christian School  is receiving nearly $20,000.  The school’s director of Advancement, Gregg  Zonnefeld says the school will use some of the money to make the building entrance more secure.  “We’re going to have all of our students come in either the front door near Highway 68.  We also have students enter on the south end.  We will continue to do that,”  Zonnefeld told WFDL news.  “We’re going to add some security cameras there.”  Zonnefeld says a couple of the entrances will be fob entrances, with electronic keys.  Zonnefeld says there will also be some classroom safety upgrades. He says another important component of the grant is training staff to identify conflicts or mental health issues with students.