5-18-18 dark sky-the latest

Area first responders say a training exercise this week was important even if the likelihood of a long-term mass power outage in the state is slim.   Local law enforcement, emergency management, the National Guard and Alliant Energy participated in the Dark Sky exercise in Fond du lac Wednesday.  “Longterm when you are out of power for that long you are going to have food issues, so you’re going to need food distribution, water distribution,”   Sheriff’s captain Ryan Waldschmidt said.  Waldschmidt says security would also be a concern.  Fond du lac Fire Chief Pete O’Leary says the exercise tests the abilities of  Alliant, law enforcement, first responders and the National Guard.    The goal is to increase understanding of the coordination, policies,  and procedures required to conduct a joint inter-agency response to cyber and physical threats to critical infrastructure in Wisconsin.