2-13-18 democratic gubenatorial candidate campaigns in fdl

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mike McCabe says he is running for governor to shake up politics as usual in Madison.  McCabe spent all day Monday in Fond du Lac on the campaign trail.  ” The response we’re getting everywhere we go, and our campaign has traveled over 40,000 miles, the response has been fabulous,”  McCabe told AM 1170s Between the Lines program.  McCabe says his campaign is a 21st century version of how Senator Bill Proxmire ran his campaign for 30 years when Proxmire would spend only a few hundred dollars on his campaign.  “We’re in a different time and place than Prox was back in his day.  We’re going to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars, but we’re not going to spend millions or tens of millions.”   McCabe says if he is elected he would end the private school voucher program.  “It is siphoning resources away from community schools, especially those in rural areas,”  McCabe said.  McCabe says the state’s record low unemployment rate is misleading.  “There’s no question you can find work out there.  The question is whether people can find work that keeps them in the middle class,”  McCabe said.  “So far in the 21st century no state in America has seen more shrinkage of its middle class than Wisconsin.”