7-6-17 ripon college president supports diversity statement

The president of Ripon College its time for the county to step up and show that Fond du Lac County is a welcoming community that celebrates diversity and promotes shared values of fairness and inclusion.  Dr. Zach Messitte is one of several community leaders to sign a petition asking the county board to adopt a statement of diversity.   “About three months ago a group of us got together and we were talking about questions of diversity and we all realized we had a similar goal,”  Messitte told WFDL news.  “We need more students from all over the region and country who are diverse and the businesses in Fond du Lac County also were having the same issue that they really need to have a diverse workforce when they think forward ten, 20, 30 years.”   Dr. Messitte says times have changed since the county board tabled a proposed statement of diversity a decade ago.   The statement talks about encouraging people to live in Fond du Lac regardless of their race, gender identity or sexual orientation.  He says the county’s future economic success depends on attracting new and existing minority populations.